Mayor Elroy

Mayor Elroy- Human Expert 4

He was a miner in his younger days.
After awhile, he got married and weary of the mining life, so he settled down.
The people liked him, and he was elected in as the mayor.

Other peoples’ reactions
Most of the people of Crystal Cove like him well enough.

He’s pretty good at mining, and he’s pretty good at getting the people of the town to band together when they need to do so.

He is friendly and jovial, but can be quite hesitant to agree with foreign ideas or peoples.

He lives in the large house in the middle of town, catty-corner from the general store.

Lucida-Human Commoner 1

Elroy’s Wife, Lucida, lives with her husband in the large house in the middle of town. She is a quiet, unassuming woman with a big heart.

Mayor Elroy

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